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Since man has evolved, he stopped living in caves, started creating houses and felt the derived need to protect his assets, in times like this ones where constructing or buying a house is not an easy procedure.

But even if we own a house through our family, it would be wise to acquire the most suitable for us insurance package so that we can have the money to repair or regain our house.

Our house, the environment that protects us, helps us relax, cloister and enjoy our private moments is an asset that some people pay for the rest of their lives. So, we need to be rather forehanded when it comes to our house.

Next to us, you will receive all the security you need to know that whatever happens to your house, you will have foreseen the procedures of fixing it and so you can continue your staying.

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Car invoicing through internet

We can offer you more and better solutions than those advertised for automobile insurance policies by using the internet.



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Nice holidays!

We would like to inform you that our office will be closed during 10-20 of August. We wish to all of you to have nice nice vacations with relaxation!



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